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Beat the traffic, save money and save the environment too!!

Just three of the many benefits of owning an electric bicycle.

We're dedicated to making electric bikes easily accessible to everyone, and while we can talk about the advantages of using an electric bike 'til the cows come home - we're confident that a quick look at the electric bikes we have on offer will get the message across right away!

Whether you choose an electric bike for fun or to commute, there's never been a better time to make the change to one of the world's most environmentally sensitive modes of travel. Oh - and fun too - don't forget that an electric bike is a lot of fun, and with benefits like pedal and throttle assist you can choose how much effort you put into your journey, meaning you won't have to go the long way round to avoid the hills.

As a company we have a firm belief in offering environmentally responsible electric bikes, it's part of our philosophy that we make available a clean and cost efficient way to commute that will benefit not only the rider, but the local community and have wider implications too. As more and more people switch to electric bikes, we're doing out small part to help you reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis, at the same time helping you to achieve sizable cost savings on your journeys.

Electric bicycles are an incredibly clean source of transportation, but they're also extremely nimble, allowing you to bypass that sluggish clog of traffic you sit in each day and avoid other issues too - like road tax, fuel duty, insurance and congestion charges!

With all these savings inherent in our product, The Electric Bicycle Company also endeavours to ensure that our electric bikes are at the lowest possible price, we check the markets and our competitors daily and strive to offer unbeatable value on each one of out electric bicycles.

Save money, save the planet, have fun and get fit at the same time, there are so many reasons to get on your electric bike, so start today - browse our electric bikes now and join the revolution!